J-Sonic Entertainment Limited is specialized in music production and artist & band management. J-Sonic has been promoting its aim in the music industry by the slogan “Me?…We!” which was launched early 2004 with the Me?…We! Volume 1 (featuring established artistes such as Anthony Wong Yiu Ming, Paul Wong, Yip Sai Wing, Jun Kung, Eugene Pao, Ella Koon, MC Yan etc…), followed by So Hot It Hertz (Hip Hop album, featuring established Asian MCs) and with its upcoming Me?…We! band cross over project to be released in mid 2005.

The “Me?…We!” concept is to gather under its movement, all aspiring and talented artistes in order to change and enrich the present music scene by adding creativity and originality and also to encourage more interaction between artistes, musicians and producers from different environment and countries. Since the 1st album release, “Me?…We!” has become a musical movement and more and more talented people are gathering under this movement.

A major breakthrough happened in Jan 2005, after the South Asia Tsunami disaster, 21 independent bands and singer-songwriters gathered under the Me?…We! movement to produce the “Give More” Fund raising CD campaign in order to raise funds for the victims. All the proceeds from the sales are being donated to the HK Red Cross South Asia Relief Fund. Furthermore, the song ranked 5th at the CR2 local chart during the first week of release.

Now the next step is the Me?…We! Band cross over project which is scheduled to be released sometime mid 2005. This project is gathering bands from Hong Kong, China, Japan, Malaysia and USA. Each participating band will cross over with another band of their choice and the result will sure be stunning!

Stay tuned!!!