Fashion Is An Italian Passion: In Milan Is The Mafia Involved

How is the Mafia involved in Italy’s fashion industry? How serious is this issue and what can I do as a consumer? How the Italian Mafia in Milan is involved in Italy’s Fashion business.

Italy is no doubt the Fashion capital of Europe. The reputation of Milan as a top fashion destination did not start the other day. It was already well known for haute couture in the 50s. Famous labels and fashion houses have cropped up since. Lets be honest even our sexy girls who work as VIP escorts near Chelsea in this agency (they even call themselves Haute Modeles)  love their Italian fashion houses. Just go ask any of these high class working girls and ask theme for their favorite brands and its usually Italians followed by the French

Many celebrities in the US have always been endeared to Italian fashion and this happened from the last century. When Jacqueline Kennedy was getting married to Onasis, she wore a Valentino dress. Marylin Monroe was known to be particularly fond of Salvatore Ferragamo, and the hat worn by Michael Jackson was a Borsalino.

Italian Fashion Houses

Italian fashion houses have continued to rise with Diesel, Gucci, Fendi, and Dolce & Gabbana, Emilio Pucci, Laura Biagiotti, and Roberto Cavalli. These fashion houses are not mentioned as much in popular culture, but they are still reputable fashion houses, that have produced great designs over the years.

It is easy to see why the Italian Mafia is now targeting the fashion industry. These criminal organizations have been trying to diversify their business, and it is said they are working to get to every level of the economy.

Mafia Organizations

One of the leading mafia organizations is Calabrian ‘Ndrangheta. The group managed to take over the leadership from Costa nostra in the last decade. ‘Ndrangheta, which loosely translates to ‘honor’, has also been trying to invest in public programs, which they use to siphon taxpayers money in Italy.

Their core business has however been cocaine. The group has been supplying it to the rest of Europe. The cocaine business earns the group £30 billion, the mafia also earns more than £60 billion a year, which is about 7% of the country’s GDP.

Even after all these businesses that earn them billions per year, they still are looking to get into the counterfeit fashion business. If you walk through the narrow streets of Venice, you are likely to see bags laid out on the side of the streets. There is no shortage of interested customers, who are looking to buy these products which are clearly counterfeit.

There are many different types of counterfeits; there are imitations that try to pass off as genuine products, while there are others which are clearly just that, imitations. Despite how these imitations are promoted, all of them are simply made in poorly lit workshops. They are products of sweat shops, where workers are mistreated and only earn a minimum wage.

Some of the counterfeits are part of the mafia illegal business empire. The group, which has been trying to make money from illegal DVDs, has discovered that the fashion business is much more lucrative. The terrorist organization has been trying to create knockoffs that look more genuine. These knock offs are not as poorly designed, as they were in the past and are also harder to spot.

The Mafia is not only producing counterfeits, it is also believed that terrorists around the world have been using the proceeds to find their nefarious activities. As a consumer what can you do? Buying counterfeit goods and products is in effect a way of promotion of criminal organizations. However, there are a few things you can do. The first is to learn all about the fashion labels by doing a little bit of research before you make a purchase. Whether the label is from Milan or some other part of the world, make a point of buying a genuine product.

Five Things Coming Up In the Next Decade for Luxury Travel

Luxury travel is ever changing. A few years ago people took luxury travel as something for the rich and famous, but this is not the case these days. With everything changing, from flights, to destinations, to airports, everyone is looking to take vacations and technology is playing a major role in the travel industry.

Luxury travel of the future, the five things coming up in the next decade for Luxury travel that we should look out for and embrace.

Do you know that the first flight took to the clouds in 1941? Well, a century later, this year to be precise, the number of those who have traveled over the years is an incredible 65 billion. And what’s surprisingly amazing is that 3.3 billion of these people have traveled this year alone. This is a clear indication of how fast travel is growing. Over the next decade, this number is expected to rise tremendously, with luxury travel taking over and technology becoming more evident.

Here are 5 things that we will expect to see in the next decade for this type of travel.

  1. There Will Be International Festival Fever

Private jets and helicopter have taken travel to a whole new level. Travelers are seen to take advantage of global calendar in terms of events, with 2014 making a record-breaking for people travel ling widely for sports, carnivals, and music festivals using these means. This is expected to be a whole much different come the next 10 years. Boom for international travel will skyrocket, with many people traveling to watch games, others going for renowned festivals with the best and most comfortable means.

  1. There Will Be Flights Of Fantasy

Do you know what led to creation of first-class flights? It’s because clients wanted a more customized and unique travel. In the next decade this will have changed. We will probably see lie-flat seats and celebrity chefs preparing meals on planes. You will feel more like you are in a 5-star hotel, rather than a plane. For instance, the New Zealand’s Skycouch has already started allowing more relaxed seating tailored just for families.

  1. The Rise Of More Experience Hotels

Travel adventure begins at the airport, as well as goes all the way to the accommodation. The same way flights will change, hotels will also change. They will have different structures and services personalized just to enhance your experience. Today, The Gibos experience in Laos allows you to swing into a tree house by zipline, and in Australia and Dubai, hotels are taking new dimensions in the way they are built. They incorporate the latest technology, from booking, to serving meals, to entertainment.

  1. Greener Travel

Every government, including the UN is looking to adopt smarter and sustainable travel in order to conserve the environment. We have seen electric cars being developed and trains that use the latest technology that we could have never imagined. This will also be adopted in terms of placing hotels and building, or improving airports. We will see low-impact nature tours, more solar power, and vacations linked with charity.

  1. You Will Have Travel Planning In Your Palm

Want a restaurant, a museum, or the beach near your hotel? Just Google it and you will get there. Google and other companies are currently working on ways to improve travel experience right from user’s smartphones and tablets. You will know well ahead of your trip the weather condition of your destination, all the local events, and everything else sent to your gadget.